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Cervical Screening SAVES LIVES Posted on 5 Mar 2019


Cervical Screen Saves Lives – National Campaign




On Tuesday 5th March 2019, Public Health England, with support From NHS England are launching a national cervical screening campaign to inspire eligible women to attend for cervical screening.


The campaign aims to:-


  • Highlight the risks of cervical cancer.

  • Highlight the preventative benefits of the often misunderstood screening test.

  • Encourage women aged between 25-64 to respond to their screening invitation.

  • Encourage women to consider booking an appointment of they have missed previous invitations.



What is Cervical Screening?


  • Cervical screening is also known as a smear test.

  •  It’s a test to check the health of the cervix, which is the lower part of the womb.

  •  It’s a simple test which involves taking a small sample of cells from the surface of the cervix to check everything is normal & healthy.


Why is Cervical Screening Important?


  • Two women die every day from cervical cancer in England.

  • Cervical screening can stop cancer before it starts by preventing potentially harmful cells from developing.

    Who is offered Cervical Screening?

  • The test is free & offered to all women aged between 25-64, regardless of sexuality or ethnic background.

  • You will be automatically invited every 3 years aged between 25-49 & every 5 years aged between 50-64.

    Cervical Screening Invite

  • A letter will be sent to you, asking you to make an appointment.

  •  Don’t ignore your cervical screening invite.

  •  If you missed your last cervical screening, book an appointment here today.

  • A female nurse will carry out the test.

    For further Information visit:-


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